Tuesday, March 25, 2008

#23 things on a stick

First of all I have to admit, I didn't have a clue what Library 2.0 was, so as you can imagine, I have learned a lot!!

Unfortunately, I didn't connect with other blogs much since I felt pressured to work on this when time permitted. Since I was doing it on my own time at home, that time often was limited.

I would absolutely participate again if this were offered. I am sure there are many things that we could spend time on. I wonder if it would be good to concentrate on several areas that we have more interest in, or would find more beneficial to our library and work, than just touch the surface of so many? I did like learning about so many things, and I would assume there are many more, so I am not sure which way to proceed if it were to offered again.

Thanks for providing me the experience to learn a little about the enormous amount of activities on the web, a great experience!

#22 Resolution

I am delighted to have made it through the "things"! I have learned a lot, and even though there were many times I felt that it was taking up too much time and I had too many other things that I should be doing, it was time well spent. I do resolve to continue learning and I like the new sites I learned about in thing 21. I think they will help me to do my job better and be better informed. We are a relatively small group and in the school setting it can be lonely, so discussion groups are great! I also would like to find a directory of many of the "things" that we have used, because I know that in my "busy-ness" I will forget about so many.

I wish my colleagues would have taken part in this so that we could have continued a dialogue on what we have learned, but most either weren't interested or lacked the time to participate. We try to get together to share with each other once a month. You did hit the nail on the head though as far as all of the activities that take up our day and finding time to fit everything in.

I would like to take the time now that I am nearly finished to look at the other blogs and see what other people are doing as well as continue my own use of the "things".

Thanks for making this available for us!

Monday, March 24, 2008


I had a lot of fun looking at all of the things on this "Thing". I joined the teacher librarian ning as well as the 23 things on a stick. These look to be very useful to me.

Although I have known about Web Junction, I hadn't used it. After looking at it now I know there are things there that will be useful to me.

I found it interesting that in reading the some comments on these sites, there are a number of people that have said the same as I have been thinking all along...that they will go back and spend more time in some of these areas so they can learn more and see how and if they can apply these "things" to their libraries.

Find more photos like this on 23 Things on a Stick

View my page on 23 Things on a Stick

Friday, March 21, 2008

My Space

It was interesting to see My Space. I actually thought it would be sort of like a yearbook with pictures and some information and then if you were invited, you would go into an account and see more. Imagine my surprise!!

I can see why some large libraries would utilize this because so many young people spend so much time on these sites. I most likely will never again venture onto one of these sites. I don't think I would use this in my library. But I am glad to be experiencing so many of these sites that I have heard about, and so many that I had never heard of. It is good to be at least a little up on what is going on. I suppose in no time, this will be a drop in the bucket to what else is out there.

I do see pictures, words, etc. that I think are inappropriate and feel bad to see that it is considered "normal" by many people.

I likes some of the reviews I read about books. And spent some time on the Hennepin County Library My Space page.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


I really enjoyed using the podcast links and listening to a variety of information. Although each was a little different, all were easy to use. I liked the ease of finding categories of interest to listen to. Some of the subjects were not what I was expecting to hear. I recently purchased a iPod for the main purpose of listening to podcasts and this has really helped me in finding lots of interesting things to listen to. I find interesting things to listen to but don't want to sit at the computer to listen to them, these directories give me lots to choose from.